Technes Details

The Broadwell Studio Line is the marriage between modern, hi-tech machining and Broadwell’s traditional hand work.

The major components are machined on a CNC mill to extremely precise tolerances.

Broadwell then textures and grinds the blades, grinds the profile to its final size, contours the bolsters and handles, carves the scales, finishes all components by hand and then sets the lock.

The American made CPM154cm stainless steel is a modern stainless “super” steel.

It is tough and holds an edge well.

 The frame of the knife is air craft grade titanium which is known for its strength and light weight.

 The G-10 fiberglass scales on the handle offer long term durability and strength.

 The clip allows convenient carry in a pocket or on other gear.

 The flipper action gives a quick, reliable opening.

 The 4 inch blade locks securely in place with a side lock.