Broadwell’s Bio 

From a little boy wearing his father’s masonic sword to an artist creating knives, pens and other functional art and father of 10, read about the person behind the art by clicking here.

Broadwell’s Guarantee

Read the details of the Broadwell guarantee by clicking here.

Broadwell’s Handmade vs Jig Explanation

Broadwell takes pride in his handmade art. Read his explanation of handmade vs jig by clicking here.

Broadwell’s Show Schedule

See if Broadwell is going to be showing his art in your area by clicking here.

Broadwell’s Archived Newsletters

Intending to be a quarterly newsletter, Broadwell Studio News has been published somewhat randomly since March of 2015. Click here to see if you missed anything important.

Broadwell’s Preferred Professional Links

There are many fine artists and professionals in the knife and pen world. This list shows who Broadwell would recommend should you be looking for their particular expertise. And yes, there are other custom knife makers on his list. Click here to see his favorites. 

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