Handmade vs Jig

In this day and age many knife makers are using high tech, computer controlled, machine tools to

produce their work, turning them into more of a computer programmer than a craftsman.

That is not Broadwell’s way.

Occasionally Broadwell will produce what is known as a “mid-tech” knife or pen.

Some outside work such as water jet cutting or other machine work is utilized to reduce time

spent on the most basic procedures.  Working the band saw or the laying out of holes

to be drilled are examples of such time consuming procedures.

These items, referred to as “limited editions”, will still have as much of Broadwell’s

trademark hand work as is possible.

Grinding jigs have become popular, but they severely limit what can be accomplished at the grinder.

Broadwell’s grinds are complex and can only be created freehand.

This maximizes the personal skills and minimizes the machine aspect of Broadwell’s

one of a kind creations.  It also gives what has been called “soul” to his work,

something that certainly can not be reproduced with a computer controlled machine.

grinding by hand

Broadwell using his “natural” jigs

Riffler File

Riffler file in use