Professional Links

This is a list of respected artists and business associates.        

David Broadwell is proud to be a Lifetime Member of Knife Rights



  Ray Cover engraving, and exceptional fly rods

 Brian Hochstrat engraving

  Bryan Powley engraving

Damascus Steel Makers

 Delbert Ealy damascus steel

 Chad Nichols stainless and mosaic damascus steel

Sheath Makers

Nita Broadwell – NB Designs

Paul Long –

Custom Knife Dealers

 Les Robertson custom knife dealer

 Gary Levine custom knife dealer

Paul Shindler custom knife dealer

Blade HQ


 Chuck Ward Photography

 Jim Cooper Photography

Knife Making Supplies

Pop’s Knife Supplies

 USA Knifemaker, supplies for the knife maker by a knife maker

Instructional Videos

Center Cross has refused to pay royalties for the Broadwell video on sculpting and we no longer support their business or their sale of our video.

Pen Related Sites

Penn State Industries

Bexley Pens.   The last American pen manufacturer

Ink-Pen.   Restoration and sales of vintage fountain pens

Respected Artisans

Tim Cullen ~ Custom pens

Pat Pruitt ~ Contemporary jewelry

Marla Allison ~ Abstract painting

Jeremy Marsh ~ Custom knives

Brad Southard ~ Custom knives

Todd Rexford ~ Custom knives

Todd Begg ~ Custom knives

Thomas Throop ~ Furniture maker

John Lewis Jensen ~ Custom knives

Margaret Bernstein ~ Custom chain maille jewelry

Katherine Plumer ~ Scrimshaw