Desk Set – historic wood

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The desk set shown above consists of a roller ball pen and a desk knife. All of the wood is certified as tulip poplar from Thomas Jefferson’s estate, Monticello. Historical Woods of America ( Broadwell designed and created this entire masterpiece. Truly a study in free form design.

The knife is 154cm stainless steel. The blade is heat treated and ground like any proper knife and it is sharpened. Bolsters are stainless steel with a feather texture pattern. The scales are carved from a darker, stabilized piece of Jefferson’s poplar. The pen uses black acrylic and the darker stabilized poplar. It takes a modern, roller ball refill.

This one of a kind project was built to be displayed with the National Treasures exhibit. William Jewell of Historical Woods selected 30 fine artisans to create contemporary, custom sculptures and functional art to showcase the beautiful, historical woods. Broadwell was the only knife maker to be chosen as a part of this elite group.