The Wanderer

The Long Knife – AKA “The Wanderer”

Blade Show 2017 “Best Art Knife” award winner

Over the time it has taken for David to make this knife we have simply been referring to it as “the long knife”. But once the blade was etched it became “The Wanderer”. The 14″ long blade is made from Del Ealy’s three metal damascus that he created specifically for this knifeproject. David requested Del make him something “cool” and he certainly fulfilled that request! To Nita the pattern looked as though it wandered…thus “The Wanderer”. The fittings were carved in hard wax and cast in bronze. The bronze was then finished by David with his various textures and polishes. The handle was carved from fossil walrus ivory. Set in the damascus finial is a black mother of pearl cabachon.