Sub-hilt W.I.P.

John Cohea organized a collaboration among knifemakers and associates to create a knife to be raffled for the March Of Dimes in 2010. Remember when we were little and some of our mothers collected dimes in those cards? Well, it’s 40-50 years later and dimes don’t go as far! This is one way we could help. John asked me to design and build the knife itself. I chose a sub hilt fighter since I build so many. Dave Lisch is undoubtedly one of the craziest smiths around! He’s also one of the most talented. Dave created a mosaic damascus billet with a welded on edge. Joe Mason engraved the fittings. Joe’s scrollwork is outstanding! Paul Long is an expert leatherworker and created the sheath. Mark Knapp donated the ancient caramel colored mammoth ivory for the handle and helped John Cohea build a display stand. 

Enjoy the work in progress gallery.